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The main mechanism of action of 2-aminothiazole storage method herbicide is to restrict plant photosynthesis, which is a typical photosynthetic system inhibition preparation. The chemical structure of this compound is related to its herbicide activity. When the C of two N atoms is 2, the activity of 2, 2-bipyridine is high. When the C chain was 3,4-, the activity decreased significantly. When 3,3 'monomethyl is substituted, the compound is inactive. The herbicide 2-aminothiazole storage method produces free radicals through the reduction of electron e in plants, and oxidizes with oxygen in the air to produce peroxides, thus producing toxicity to plants and playing the role of herbicide. The activity decreased significantly under dark or anoxic conditions or in conjunction with Hill reaction suppressor.

Photosynthetic inhibition preparations compete with electrons in the main electron acceptors in photosynthesis to form a free group, which is rapidly reoxidized by molecular oxygen. The superoxide anions are increased to form superoxide, which becomes a potential oxidant by forming hydroxyl groups or a reducing agent by forming monomorphic oxygen. Superoxide dismutase can dismutate superoxide into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide :O; +O2+2H+--H2O2+O2

Bipyridine manufacturers introduce that the fixation of CO2 in photosynthesis is very sensitive to hydrogen peroxide, and then the reduction of ammonia peroxide produces the reactive hydroxyl group that causes lipid peroxidation and membrane destruction. Inhibition of photosynthesis by 2-aminothiazole storage method is mainly achieved through two ways: electron shitter of photosynthetic electron transport chain and inhibition of photophosphorylation.

The herbicide 2-aminothiazole storage method can be absorbed by plant stems and leaves, and has certain conduction effect. The treated plants died within hours after exposure to light. In dark conditions, plants grow normally for a few days with little disruption. When plants were treated in the dark to absorb the drug and then exposed to light, the plants died very quickly, indicating that the drug had been conducted in the leaves before light.

2-aminothiazole storage method

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