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Prepare for more content, take the first step in the 15th anniversary mission and launch a series of new missions! I know that everyone needs Dofus Kamas.

The other side of the mirror

The task "The Other Side of the Mirror" is divided into four sections, each with a community goal.
Officials have made some changes to Goblin and Droopik, but there are still problems. Here are answers to the questions you most often encounter:

About the "Dangerous Simulation" mission: "Why can we encounter the same dungeon multiple times?"

This is a technical constraint. In general, each Tiwabbit offers different dungeons from 10 to 200 levels. You may have noticed that the goal depends on your level group. Unfortunately, it is indeed possible for randomness to enter the same dungeon several times in a row. To help you avoid this situation, it is necessary to check what the current goal is and provide a new target from all available dungeons based on your rating group. Needless to say, the possibilities will multiply, which can lead to errors.

The goal of this activity is to provide an experience that brings you back to the forefront of the community. Also want to encourage your most timid "leisure" players to get rid of their comfort zone by surfing in the community wave, and use more experienced player experience to access more difficult content.

However, some players may have encountered difficulties. That's why the five dungeons that were initially excluded because they were too simple were added to Tiwabbits' alternatives. Now, in addition to the Ilyzaelle Lookout, all 200 dungeons are available. In addition to making this phase more accessible, the advantage is that by adding alternatives, the possibility of encountering the same dungeon twice in a row can be mathematically reduced.

"Why are the parentheses not indexed to the number of servers?"

The first reason is technical. There are 16 servers (including Ombre and Oto Mustam), so each server must have its own version of the task, which can be very expensive. The second reason is somewhat subtle. Servers that are considered to have a large population are not necessarily composed of active players. For example, let's use the servers Agride and Merkator. The first one is usually considered to be densely populated, and some players can sometimes use the glib nickname "Merkadead" to describe the second. But Agride is half the speed of Merkator.

Let's talk about numbers

Surprisingly, in the first week, several servers have entered the third stage! On October 9, the official said that when they unlocked (only) five servers into the second phase of access, eight of the other 11 servers were already working on the third phase. As of October 15, all servers have access to the third phase. Of the 16 servers, 4 require their intervention to access it.

“Why not lower the horizontal bracket?”
The values ??of different square brackets affect many parts of the task. Changing these settings now may cause an error to occur. Therefore, we prefer to intervene as planned from the beginning.

“If the community support cannot be filled, can we buy a reward?”
Yes, the prerequisite for obtaining an award is an individual. If your character completes the task, you will be able to find everything in the store!

"So how do we do the tablet puzzle and the final battle?"
You may have tried and tried to solve the tablet puzzle from Tuesday, October 22 (latest!). After solving the problem on the server, everyone on the server will be resolved.

Reminder: "The other side of the mirror" activity will end on October 29th... Take time to buy dofus kamas echo.
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